SSL Secure

You are safe on our website!

High Level Security System

Embforlife has the most efficient and secure typing certification system on the Internet.

To verify this certification, you only need to notice at every page you browse at our website, that the browser indicates a small closed padlock.

This informs that the page is protected by a safety certification, the same one used on internet banking.

Safety Tips:

When you purchase online or offer your data at other website?s subscription, on stores online, always verify if the page where you are inserting your data and payment information is showing a certification.

This will guarantee that all your data that travels from your browser to the server are encrypted, ensuring that even if the data is intercepted, no one will be able to decode it.

Verify that the link on your browser is as: https:// (indicates you are at a safe place) and that the padlock is closed at your browser.